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Mighty retro pixel art action!

Feel the mood of the good old classic 16bit arcades in the palm of your hand. The best of the action arcade gaming!

Integrated dungeon editor!

Create your own crazy dungeons and challenge your friends with the integrated level editor.

Inredible items and rewards!

Collect as much coins as you can and obtain amazing items that will help you on this gloomy quest.

Defy enemies and wicked traps!

Beware! The levels are full of deadly enemies and danegrous traps. Avoid them or smash them... it's your call :).

Beat it... if you can

A total of 60 insane levels spread on 3 mysterious worlds. ...Dark souls? that's cute!

Incredibly challenging and addictive

Do you consider yourself a true hard-core old-school gamer... we dare you!

Hold you phone or tablet like a real game-pad and jump and thrust 'til you reach the exit of each level!
Defy the undead zombies and other evil forces in this pixel-art epic adventure while you explore untamed dark lands and loot treasures!
Create challenging your own dungeons!
Share your levels, challenge your friends and get incredible rewards!
Collect coins and buy items and gems that will help you in your deadly quest.
A total of 60 levels spread on 3 mysterious worlds.
A ghoulie epic pixel-art adventure.

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